7 Giant Gummies & 10 Smaller Gummy Treats

Ah, gummies- those gelatin based, almost-too-sweet treats that take you back to classic candy shops and summertime movie snacking. Fortunately, as we have grown, the variety in the gummy world has also grown to include some wicked new shapes, flavors, and sizes (a 26.9 lb gummy snake?!)

Read on and relive those memories – but you may want to schedule that dentist appointment soon after.

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Giant Gummy Bear

Sometimes bigger really is better! This oversized 5 lb giant gummy bear is the monsterous big brother to the classic candy.

What’s more, it is gluten free, which makes it a perfect birthday cake substitute for anyone with dietary restrictions!

The original shape, color, flavor, and texture are retained in this beastly remake. Just don’t eat it all in one sitting- eating this bear if equivalent to eating 1,400 regular sized gummy bears!

Nutritious? Not a bit. Delicious? You bet!

Giant Gummy Watermelon Slice
An engorgement of the classic candy, this giant flavored creepy-crawlie clocks in at 23” long and over 3 lbs!

Maybe not snack size, but perfect for sharing with friends. If you are a gummy enthusiast this is the place to start- a worm that is 125x larger than the original treat! Mother of all gummy worms, anyone?

For an alternative take, try staging a giant gummy worm battle as suggested in the Amazon reviews of this product.

Won’t disappoint! Cherry and blue raspberry flavored.

Giant Gummy Python
And now for the mother of all gummies. This behemoth gummy python rivals the real thing, weighing over 26 lbs and measuring 8 FEET in length!

This python could feed a small army- it contains over 450 servings of gummy goodness! Looking for a non-traditional party food?

Well, you have just found it! In the event that you don’t have 449 friends to share this ginormous treat with, don’t fret- this reptile has a shelf life of over 1 year!

Don’t forget to buy some gummy rats to keep your new python fed!

Giant Gummy Worm
When you think “summer refreshment”, what fruit comes to mind?


Sweet and refreshing, this classic treat is reimagined as a tri-flavored gummy- on a stick! With a sour-apple rind, this watermelon flavored slice features grape-flavored seeds for a tangy twist.

At over 1 lb in weight and 10’ in length, this fruity slice may be more Insta-ready than watermelon itself! Enjoy poolside in the shade for a true summer experience.

Gummy Turkey Leg
Well this one is new!

This one-of-a-kind gummy looks like the delectable snack you might find at a festival or fair, and is even about the same size (13” long!).

But just one bite and you will know that this gummy is something else entirely. For starters, it’s Cola flavored!

If the realism is too distracting, try the bright red turkey leg in cherry flavor. And don’t forget the napkins!

Giant Gummy Gator
You might want to bring a friend along when you set out to tackle this beast!

Weighing in at ¾ lb and almost 1 foot in length, this gator gummy is a verifiable swamp creature! No need to take a trip to Florida to see gators when this one can be delivered to your doorstep – plus, it’s gluten free!

This is one gummy with some attention to detail, complete with scales, eyes, and teeth. We’re sure that this tutti-frutti flavored gummy tastes much better than the real thing!

Gummy Soda Bottle
Ever tried wax bottle candies? Big fan of vanilla Coke?

Well now you can get the best of both worlds with this giant Gummy Cola Bottle!

It will rot your teeth just like the real thing, but it’s not carbonated so no need to be concerned about that embarrassing belch that usually accompanies a real soda drink.

At 8” tall and ¾ of a pound in weight, this smooth treat is one drink you will want to share!

Gummy Corn on the Cob on a Stick
Not sure what to bring as a side to the potluck or picnic? Never fear- giant corn on the cob gummies are here!

This deceptive gummy could be mistaken for the real thing, but could be served as dessert instead. And this is like no gummy you’ve had before, with a unique buttered popcorn flavor! Perfect for grilling, tailgates, parties, and more.

Better buy a couple so you don’t have to share!

Gummy Candy Maker
Are all of these unique treats getting you inspired? Creative juices beginning to flow? Why not try your hand at making some gummies with a Gummy Candy Maker?

Mix and match flavors and colors for unique bear, worm, and fish candies. You can even cater to dietary restrictions and make some gluten free or vegan gummy treats. When you feel like a challenge, use the giant bear mold to make your own oversized gummy bear.

Great activity for families or parties- making a mess with this one is just part of the fun! Excellent gift for kids of all ages.

Gummy Hot Dog

If you already bought the Gummy Corn on the Cob and Watermelon Slice, this Hot Dog is all you are missing to finish off your gummy picnic!

This sensible 7 oz dog comes with a gummy bun and fun mustard topping, and is sure to delight hot dog and gummy candy lovers alike. Unlike the corn gummy, this candy is not hot dog flavored (because EW!).

Instead it features the classic cherry gummy flavor we all know and love.

It even comes in a fancy package with a “window” on top, just like at the county fair!

Gummy Spicy Peppers
Had enough of the sweets? Time for some HEAT with these spicy gummy peppers!

These peppers come individually wrapped to keep all that spicy goodness tasting fresh. The jalapeño pepper is the mildest of the trio, with a sour apple flavor overlaid by sweet peppery heat. The habanero pepper kicks it up a notch with orange flavor and a strong spicy tang.

Think you can handle the heat? Try the ghost pepper gummy- this one is SUPER hot but is rounded out with cherry flavoring. And just like real peppers, they are gluten free!

Unlike any gummy you’ve tasted before, and perfect for any spice-seekers- or for a prank!

Gummy Pickle

We’ve tried dill pickles, pickle spears, pickle chips, and maybe even pickle juice, but now it’s time to try a pickle gummy.

All the tangy dill pickle flavor but with the squishy texture of a gummy. Feeling creative? Try slicing up this pickle as a side with your gummy hot dog! Pickle lovers of the world, you just can’t go wrong with this one.

Why not change up your Christmas tradition this year and hang a GUMMY pickle instead of a pickle ornament on your tree?

Gummy Sushi Bento Box
Dessert sushi is trending, so why not go all the way with a mini gummy sushi bento box!

This box goes above and beyond, including a combination of gummy candy, marshmallow, and licorice to replicate “real” sushi like nigiri, uramaki, koikuchi, ikura, and classic California rolls. The two nigiri are even topped with gummy fish, to imitate raw nigiri sushi!

This imaginative treat is a great gift for a sushi lover, and the presentation brings the gummies to another level.

But don’t take our word for it- this one you need to try for yourself!

Gummy Rat
Never owned a pet rat?

Don’t worry, it’s easy- the care and handling instructions are right on the package!

This gummy rat is sure to give you the creeps, and would fit right in at a Halloween party – he even has a realistic tail!

Use this gummy vermin to prank unsuspecting victims or just enjoy an unconventional treat.

Comes in orange, grape, and cherry flavors.

Gumy Fried Eggs
Who says you can’t have candy for breakfast? These fried egg gummies taste even better than the real thing!

The gummies are peach flavored and approximately 1” in diameter.

Fun for a themed party or for gift bags, you won’t be able to eat just one!

Sunny side up, anyone?

Gummy Pizza in a Box
Did someone order a pizza? No need to tip for this delicious “dessert” pizza!

With cheese, pepperoni, and pepper toppings, everyone can choose their slice of this fruit flavored treat. Excellent addition to family night, movie night, or a pizza party! It even comes in its very own pizza box.

But don’t be fooled- It’s not delivery, it’s gummy!

Gummy Cheeseburger
Craving burgers but trying to cut back on fast food? Why not dine on this sweet treat instead!

This gummy cheeseburger is a delicious 7 oz of cheese, lettuce, tomato all atop a juicy burger patty sandwiched between sweet burger buns.

No loss of flavor here with a combination of cherry, orange, and sour apple flavored gummies.

Just add a giant gummy soda and you’ll have yourself a classic American snack!