Donald Trump Gifts

Donald Trump Gifts

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is always interesting, right?

We combed Amazon looking for the best Donald Trump gifts. Some are funny gag gifts, some aren’t funny at all, and some are surprising, like the poetry of Donald Trump.

It’s quite a read!

Love him or hate him, there is something for everybody on this list. Whether you need a gift for a Trump hater or a Trump lover, or if you just want something for yourself, you are sure to find the perfect Trump item here.

And we will be adding more as we find them.

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Donal Trump Toilet Paper
Q: What do Donald Trump, The Starship Enterprise, and toilet paper all have in common?

A; They all go to yer anus and wipe out cling ons.

Ok, maybe you don’t get that joke. Or maybe it’s not funny.

But one thing is for sure: you need this!

You can put it where the sun don’t shine and rub his face in it!

That face is perfect.

Looks like he’s squealing like a pig, doesn’t it? I mean in a “This is freaky, but I LIKE IT!” sort of way.

He’s probably thinking “What a ripoff! I paid Stormy Daniels a shitload of cash but she didn’t do this to me!”

Features a HUUUUUGE hole that easily holds pens, pencils, paint brushes, sunglasses, vape pens and more!

Trump Talking Pen

Donald Trump Talking Pen

The Donald’s real voice!

Includes classics such as:

“I will be the greatest President that God ever created.”

“I think I am a nice person. People that know me, like me.”

“Look – I’m REALLY rich.”

Inspirational, right?

Great for signing those bigger paychecks!

Tweeting Trump on the Toilet
Captures our fearless leader hard at work doing what he does best!

And best of all it comes with a custom engraving…put your own message there!

Some suggestions:

“Doin’ my bizness!”

“Full o’ CRAP!”

“This is what it looks like to win!”

I’m sure you can come up with something better.

Donald Trump Poetry

He doesn’t often show it, but the Donald has a softer, more sensitive side.

This groundbreaking collection will give readers a glimpse of Trump’s innermost thoughts and feelings on everything from the nature of truth, to what he hates about Lord Sugar.

And it will reveal a hitherto hidden Donald, who may surprise and delight both students and critics alike.


Chia Trump
This will look great along side your Chia Obama and Chia Hilary!

For authenticity only plant one side and comb it over.

A Classic Trump gift!

Donald Trump Standup
The Man himself!

Maybe you can’t get an invite to Mar-a-lago, but you can still have your picture taken next to the lifesize cardboard standup of your favorite President!

Or maybe you would prefer to throw darts at him? Or add a Hitler mustache?

A must for your next party!

Donald Trump Nesting Dolls
What’s better than a Trump doll? How about a whole bunch of Donald Trump Nesting Dolls?

The perfect Trump gift to accompany a 5th of vodka, I have it on good authority that Putin keeps a set of these on his desk.

Trump Hair Cotton Candy

Melts in your mouth, on your fingers and on your head!

Mr. Trump’s unique hairstyle has been a smash hit for many years before anyone had any idea that he might actually sit in the Oval Office. Indeed, nothing is a more iconic representation of our beloved president.

And now you can have a head of Trump hair all your own, and you can eat it.

He really did make America great again, didn’t he?

Trump Bobblehead
Destined to become a collector’s item, this Donald Trump Bobblehead has been discontinued by the manufacturer. It was created for the 2016 election, and in our opinion it is still the best bobblehead of the Donald on the planet.

Mount it on your car dash, or keep it on your desk to piss off your liberal coworkers!

Or gift it to the Trump fan in your life. No matter what you do with it, it will always be giving you positive vibes with 2 thumbs up on it’s tiny little hands.

Get yours while you still can!

Trump Talking Birthday Card

Make it a birthday they will always remember with a Donald Trump birthday card!

Seriously what could be better than to have Mr. Trumps voice to wish a happy birthday on that special annual event?

This one is destined to stay on the mantle for a very long time. I mean how could you throw it away?

This card would also be great for that liberal that you just want to irritate, right?

Gummy Rat

Back in the days when Mr. Trump came into our living rooms on The Apprentice we would love to hear him say “You’re fired!”

Later it wasn’t such a good thing for (former) FBI Director James Comey, but hey, that’s the breaks, right?

You know Donald is kicking himself for not uttering these famous words to Micheal Cohen.

Keep it on your desk. Your employees will get the message.

Donald's Nuke Button
Getting fired is one thing, but now Mr. Trump has his finger on the nuclear button! Yikes!

Pretend you are Mr. Trump, and North Korean despot Kim Jong Un is watching. Just sort of rest your finger on the button, and stare deep into his beady little eyes.

What a rush! Now that is power!

Giant Gummy Gator
Flatulence is no laughing matter when it occurs in the Oval Office.

OK, maybe it is. Do you think Abe Lincoln cut the cheese while he was writing the Gettysburg Address?

The more we talk about it the more we admire Mr. Trumps ability to let them go where so many Presidents before him sat, and undoubtedly farted.