About Real Gone Gadget

Real Gone Gadget is a collaboration between two co-workers and friends, two people who share an affinity for cool, funky stuff.

It all started when Marc said “Hey Michelle! Check this thing out! I would love to have one of those!”

Michelle replied, “That is pretty cool, but take a look at this!”

That led to “who would buy this?!” and Wow, that’s cool!” and even “Thats pretty sick…,” and eventually, “Eeewwww! That’s SO gross!”

real gone

adjective phrase

Excellent; wonderful; cool, funky fresh

The Dictionary of American Slang.

From Dictionary.com


Eventually a way to pass the time and keep each other entertained at work turned into Real Gone Gadget. We figured that if we find it entertaining to share cool gadgets and other funky stuff then other people will be interested too.

All of the cool stuff on Real Gone Gadget is hand picked by us. We look for things we would love to have, things that are just too cool, some things that are just crazy, and other things that we can’t believe so many people actually buy.

We do this for fun. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.